Snoop Dogg wants to help Simon Cowell find a ‘hip-hop superstar’

Evidently Honey G doesn’t count…

Snoop Dogg has offered to help Simon Cowell find a “hip-hop star” on The X Factor.

Snoop actually said he would collaborate with the show’s controversial rapper Honey G last year, but now he’s setting his sights on unearthing a more credible and globally popular hip-hop talent.

He told Metro Guilty Pleasures: “Simon knows I want to find him a hip hop star on X Factor. There is so much hip hop talent on the streets of the UK — but they ain’t got nobody to develop it.”

He added: “I have spoken with Simon. I told him I would clear my schedule to come and help out at the audition stages and find him a global hip hop star and he seems interested — he knows the value of finding one. The X Factor has done great at finding pop stars, but it still hasn’t found a hip hop star. They are among the highest-earning artists in the world. Simon knows it makes sense to try and find one.”

Honey G, whose act was branded “modern-day blackface” by The Guardian‘s Lola Okolosie, eventually finished fifth on The X Factor last year. Her debut single ‘The Honey G Show’ then stalled at Number 149 on the UK charts.



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