The UK Drill genre sees yet another setback. An additional number of music videos that fall under the rap sub-genre have been removed by video giant YouTube.
In connection with the Metropolitan Police, 102 videos out of 129 videos were requested by Scotland Yard to be scrapped, the figures from Press Association disclosed.

Six months prior, the music videos under the field accumulated a ton of views until YouTube proceeded to delete a fair amount due to the alleged increase of knife crime attacks which was said to encourage those who viewed the music videos.

Drill, the genre which finds continuous support and on a few occasions land on the mainstream charts, has now been seen as spreading subliminal messages throughout its use of lyricism. The Scotland Yard is said to believe that due to this, the elements can “encourage further violence” when fans comment online.

Sourced from Yahoo, Detective Superintendent Mike West, who runs Operation Domain, said: “The fact we’ve got more taken down in six months compared to in two and a half, three years, is a step in the right direction.”

In 2018, the rap scene saw members of West London drill group 1011 be under strict regulations of CBO which disallowed them to encourage violence or mention death in their music. They were also subjected to warn police before filming music videos.

In a recent situation regarding Drill’s most famous duo Skengdo & AM, the Met police had announced they had given the pair a suspended sentence for breeching the injunction in which they would not be able to produce music to incite rivalry violence or perform the song “Attempted 1.0″ live in concert.

Police officials have also confirmed to believe that the rise in crime, particularly within the capital have been heavily influenced by the UK drill scene.

On behalf of YouTube, a spokeswoman has explained: “We have developed policies specifically to help tackle videos related to knife crime in the UK and are continuing to work constructively with experts on this issue.”