Missy recruits some of the biggest ladies in Hip-Hop for her new empowering anthem.

Missy Elliott has dropped the new remix for her single ‘I’m Better’ featuring Eve, Lil’ Kim and Trina.

The Hip-Hop star has enlisted the help of her fellow rap divas for an empowering, anthem rework of her original Lamb-produced tune.

“You cannot be me, no, never / Ain’t gotta explain why I’m better” spits the legendary rapper.

“My heart is so icy, if I walk outside in the summertime / I just might change the weather” raps Lil’ Kim before Trina steps in.

“I set the bar and them b**ches only settin’ trends / I put the pressure on them” the icon spits.

Eve then enters for the finale, rapping “March to the beat of my own drum / Philly to London conundrum”.

The original version of ‘I’m Better’ was released back in January, and was followed by an equally attitude-filled music video.

Missy’s star-studded remix is set to be followed by the rapper’s upcoming documentary, which was previewed earlier in the year.