Travis Scott fell through the stage and broke Drake’s globe set-up during his latest London date on The Boy Meets World Tour.

The ‘Antidote’ rapper surprised fans when ran onto the stage but unfortunately didn’t look where he was going and fell straight through a hole in the middle of the stage.

Drake then helped pull him up before Travis Scott continued to perform ‘Goosbumps’, ‘Antidote’ and more.

During his fall, Travis Scott actually broke Drake’s stage set-up, which was responsible for inflating a giant globe – a prop he is using on all of his European tour dates.

As a result, Drizzy decided to refund all 20,000 tickets to the show.

“I’m doing this sh*t for free tonight, I don’t give a f*ck,” he said. ‘Ya’ll can deal with it later.”

Travis Scott referred to the moment as “one of the most turnt and epic sh*t ever”.

Meanwhile, Drake still has another 6 nights in London’s O2 Arena, during his The Boy Meets World Tour.

On his first night, the rapper brought our Giggs, Section Boyz and Kyla to perform.

He also gave a surprising shout out to his ex girlfriend Rihanna , referring to her as the “queen of everything”.