in news you didn’t think you’d hear today (or ever), Lisa Maffia has revealed there is a So Solid Crew movie in the works.

Talking to Metro, Lisa spoke about how the members of the group still meet up and have been talking about a comeback, after we last heard from So Solid Crew when they released their 2013 Greatest Hits collection.

Although, let’s be honest, all anyone ever remembers is ’21 Seconds’.

“So Solid Crew aren’t over, we’ll never be over. We’re not done at all. We do collectively get together and do shows together. And we’ve got a movie in the pipeline as well, we’ve got a So Solid Crew movie coming up and it’s all about the history of the group,” Lisa explained (warned?).

Lisa is currently working on her own music, and a new free EP, ‘Maffia’, is being released at the start of November, as well as a new album and a new single, ‘Old Habits’.

“I’m used to singing garage but this new album is going to be more house. I’m really, really excited about it. It’s going to be full of party tracks because I like to party, that’s my attitude,” she enthused.

But while we wait for that and the So Solid Crew movie, check out Lisa’s most recent solo effort ‘Wah Gwarn’ below.