Snoop Dogg has unveiled an autobiographical film.

COOLAID: The Movie chronicles the hip-hop icon’s life and the moments that led to the rise of his music empire and illustrious career, according to

The 45-year-old released his new project on Friday (28Apr17) on iTunes, and the film serves as a visual companion to his album of the same name, which was released last July (16).

COOLAID documents Snoop’s early dreams of becoming a football player, and later focuses on his downfall due to his involvement with drugs and gangs, including his infamous murder trial.

Snoop was acquitted, along with his bodyguard McKinley Lee, of the murder of Philip Woldemariam in 1993.

“This is a piece that is near and dear to me – it’s a personal journey of my life,” the rapper said in a statement. “The videos, dialogue and music were hand-selected to depict pivotal moments in my career and (I) look forward to sharing it with my fans. Can’t wait to hear what ya’ll think!”

The movie also features special visuals to accompany Snoop’s new tracks Don’t Stop, Affiliated, Super Crip, Side Piece, What If and Legend.

“#Coolaid movie out now on itunes… directed written (and) produced by bigg snoop !! (sic)” he posted on Twitter on Friday, alongside a link to buy the movie on iTunes.