Fresh off the news that Facebook will be adding a ‘stories’ feature, following in the footsteps of Instagram in the copying Snapchat department, Snapchat has unveiled a game changing new feature of its own.
You will soon be able to search for stories using an explore search bar function. You can watches snaps from anyone (not just people you follow). This is going to totally change how we’re moving. Want to go to a club but want to check out the crowd first? Just search the location name and watch all the recent snaps from that location. Mad. You’ll never have to go to no dead club again.
There is one small thing though, in order for your snaps to be searchable you have to opt in by posting the photo or video into a new “Our Story” category as well as your own story. Snapchat then analyses the footage to ascertain where you are and what’s going down. Are people going to be going to the effort to do that? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.