Skepta says politicians ‘used’ people and the #Grime4Corbyn movement during the general election

“I saw people sell themselves for fucking bullshit”

Skepta has spoken out against the political establishment – claiming that the people were ‘used’ during the general election and have now been forgotten

The ‘#grime4corbyn‘ campaign followed in the wake of the likes of JME endorsing the Labour leader – even going as far to meet with Corbyn this weekend to discuss how to encourage young voters to get involved. Not only that, Novelist, Stormzy and UK rapper Akala also lent Corbyn their support – before he was added to the line-up of Boy Better Know on Wikipedia.

Despite a swelling of younger generations becoming more politically active, forming what’s been dubbed ‘a youthquake‘, Skepta says that he remains disillusioned with the political landscape, and that real people remain unrepresented.

“When [the general election] was happening, everybody that mattered started to fucking support politics and tell people to vote for people,” Skepta told Q. “They’re fucking saying ‘vote for this person, check politics and shit out’. I’m like, ‘are you lot fucking stupid brother?’

He continued: “We’re four months or whatever later and no one gives a shit about it now, bruv.”

Asked for his thoughts on the #Grime4Corbyn movement, Skepta replied: “I don’t care. Even what you just said, I didn’t hear it. Fourth months later, they just don’t give a fuck about us again.

“They’re back to doing what they’re doing. They use us – them, not me – for what they wanted to use them for and they’re back doing their bullshit. They need to understand we’re human beings.”

Skepta added: “When they wake up, they don’t think ‘we’re helping people, we’re telling people it’s their world, live peacefully’. They think ‘let me manipulate this country for my personal gain’.

“Whatever they do on the TV or whatever, they never change in my eyes. Fuck, I hate having spoken this much about it, but I’m so passionate about it. I saw people sell themselves for fucking bullshit. That’s the shit I hated this year.”This comes after Dizzee Rascal questioned Corbyn’s true motivation and links to grime.

Grime 4 Corbyn? I just don’t know what I’m supposed to feel about that – does he even listen to grime?,” Dizzee told NME. “Did he say anything about grime onstage at Glastonbury? No? Well, there you go.”

Last month, Stefflon Don shared her huge new single ‘Ding-A-Long’ featuring Skepta. Speaking to NME about the collaboration earlier this week, Stefflon Don said: “We actually didn’t go in the studio together, but I know Skepta and we talk, we’re friends. He’s cool, very humble”.

Meanwhile, Liam Gallagher has revealed that he wants Skepta as his support for his upcoming headline show at Finsbury Park.

Asked about who else would be performing across the two stages, Gallagher replied: “It can’t all be 90s stuff, man. We’ve got to mix it up a bit. I’d like to get Skepta playing, have something a bit different.


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