Skepta appears to be working on another surprise collaboration, after sharing a photo of himself in the studio with Mick Jagger.

The grime hero posted the photo of himself with The Rolling Stones‘ frontman to Instagram, with no information as to whether it would be for Sketpa’s own new material, a new Stones record, or a completely separate project entirely

Speaking to NME about his plans for new material, Skepta said: “I haven’t been working on my next album at the moment, but what I have been doing is working on how I’m gonna do good for what’s happening on Earth at the moment. At every stage of my life, I’ve always wanted to do good for Earth. When I was a kid I used to stop bullies. I’d get so angry when I saw people being bullied I’d be like ‘stop doing that to him!’”

He continued: “Then you get to 16, you get to music. Energetic little guy on stage, you want change – ‘stop the fuckery, stop the fuckery’. At my time, it’s J Hus’ time, I feel like it’s all the young artists’ time to be on the stage enjoying themselves. I’m not saying I want to stop music, but I want to find how at this age, how I can ‘stop the fuckery’ again. And I will be ‘stopping the fuckery’ until I die. I feel like that’s what Boy Better Know want to do.

Courtesy of NME