Skepta has been working with Levi’s on a special community project recently, where he has been helping a bunch of creative young people from his local area Tottenham.
They’ve now released the short documentary to go alongside it, which sees Skeppy working with the youngers on all aspects of becoming a fully fledged musician. The likes of Preditah and JinJin even step in to help too.
Director Luke Monaghan said of the project, “Skepta is an artist I’ve been a fan of for a long time and to get to make a film around him and the energy he was able to pass on to the 12 musicians was great.

“I was surprised by how talented all the musicians were and how Skepta engaged with them. I tried to make the film about the individuals, telling their stories and putting you into their mindset, which I think is reflective of a lot of young people striving to make something of themselves.

“I’m sure this project will leave a legacy for a long time and I’m happy my film will be the thing that helps shine light on it.”

Watch it above in full now.