Skepta and Goldie to release new vinyl-only single ‘Upstart (Road Trip)’

The new release will be available as a 12-inch just before Christmas

Skepta and Goldie have announced the release of a new collaborative single, called ‘Upstart (Road Trip)’.

The record will be available exclusively on 12-inch vinyl and will be released by Metalheadz on December 22.

The vinyl will include four tracks – an original version of the single plus an instrumental version, and a collaboration between Goldie and Fraims (featuring DRS) called ‘Poisonous Darts’. It will also include an instrumental of that song.

The Metalheadz Bandcamp page notes that “Goldie and Skepta share a birthday, an elemental connection and an impeccable taste in beats,” as Fact reports. It continues: “‘Upstart’ is the blistering outcome of their studio sessions together – a fierce, futuristic alchemy of tense horrorshow melodics, street-level rhymes and bangin’ breaks.

“It’s for the kind of kids who want to ram-raid tomorrow, become a ghost in the machine, a contagion that cannot be stopped.”



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