Nelly himself has stepped into settle the “Nelly vs. Drake” debate that went viral earlier this week.

In an interview with the USA Today, Nelly addressed the Internet argument, which centered around Drake’s current run of hits, versus Nelly’s dominance throughout the 2000s.

“It’s not me against him. Drake is a dope artist and a cool dude,” Nelly told the USA Today. “Drake has shown me a lot of love,” Nelly said.

Nelly has been on the road the past several months promoting his “Night of Symphonic Hip Hop Tour,” where he plays his hits backed by a live orchestra.

The Saint Louis rapper remained very diplomatic about the debate.

Nelly said the comparisons between artists is not unusual, as one R&B legend compared him to another world famous soul singer.

“It happened to me, when I brought in new melodies and things of that nature, even Smokey Robinson said I reminded him of James Brown.”

Could the comparison spark a Nelly Vs. James Brown challenge next?

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