After an extremely controversial and widely reported sentencing of Meek Mill back in November 2017, yesterday the Superior Court of Pennsylvania overruled his sentence and declared Meek a free man.

The Supreme Court overruled judge Genece Brinkley, the judge who infamously issued Meek with a controversial two to four year sentence after a probation violation last November, which many argued to be extremely biased. Especially after a rumour broke out that Brinkley unfairly gave this sentence because she was too personally involved in the case and was allegedly bitter that the Philly rapper didn’t give her a shoutout in one of his songs.

The Court argued that not only did they believe Brinkley to be holding Meek Mill in prison on biased terms and that she in fact was holding a grudge, but that there is also insufficient evidence for his seemingly harsh sentencing. This decision came after Brinkley recently denied the Meek bail after prosecutors requested for her to drop his conviction, a decision which many including the Pennsylvania Supreme Court criticised for being “outrageous”.

The justices of the Supreme Court have pended a hearing in about 60 days when they will next discuss Meek’s case and the possibility of dropping the rapper’s conviction.