Veteran soundman Lloyd Coxsone of London’s Sir Coxsone’s Outernational has given a video interview criticising radio disc jockey David Rodigan.

In the no holds barred 18 minute address, Coxsone calls RodiganDavid rob and gone” and “a one hour radio selector” with no sound. He challenges him to name one Jamaican artist who he has “bust” in the United Kingdom. “David Rodigan nah buss nobody! […] our Reggae music is bussing him!

Speaking on behalf of the 500 sound systems of the UK, Lloyd calls for more respect from Jamaicans for his and other sounds’ work during times of open racism and police brutality. He cites Boband Marcia, Ken Boothe, Bob Marley and Dennis Brown as artists he and his colleagues helped up the British charts. He also disparages the proliferation of dub specials baring selectors’ names as a “gimmick”.