Lil Wayne parodies ‘Friends’ theme tune

The football-themed parody was to kick off week two of the new NFL season.

Lil Wayne has parodied the ‘Friends’ theme song, as promo for the new NFL season on Fox.

The clip opens with Wayne seemingly about to rap about the football season, but then the ‘Friends’ theme tune kicks in, leaving the rapper looking a little confused.

“You already brought your loyal fans to tears / ‘Cause it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month / For like 15 years,” he lip syncs over the track.

“Please don’t go 0-2 / Just ’cause you can’t catch a ball.”

Earlier this year, Jay-Z remade the ‘Friends’ opening credits with an all black cast, including ‘Broad City’‘s Hannibal Buress, ‘Get Out’‘s Lil Rel Howery and ‘Atlanta’‘s Lakeith Stanfield.

He created the spoof for his ‘Moonlight’ video.

‘Friends’ co-creator David Crane responded by saying: “I don’t have Tidal.  I’m just happy that the show is still part of the cultural zeitgeist after all these years.”



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