Rapper Kanye West has been slapped with a breach of contract lawsuit from a clothing agent in Turkey in a payment dispute regarding his Yeezy fashion line.

Derya Gulseven claims she was hired in July 2015 to help bosses at the star’s West Brands Fashion LLC find manufacturers in Istanbul to produce items for his popular brand, serving as a “season-by-season sourcing agent” and making sure the goods were imported into the US.

However, she alleges she was cheated out of the agreed seven percent commission on each total order on more than one occasion, and now Gulseven is suing for funds she maintains she is owed.

According to court papers, the plaintiff first helped out with the production of apparel for the Yeezy Season 2 line in 2015, with the order totaling just under $1.25 million.

The deal was canceled just two months before its due delivery for May 2016, with settlements made between officials at West Brands and the manufacturer, but Gulseven failed to receive her expected cut, which came to around $87,200.

She agreed to work on another launch for Yeezy Season 3, but when it came to her paycheck, she reportedly ended up having her commission slashed to four percent with no explanation, and received $77,250 of her previously expected $169,000.

Despite her monetary concerns, Gulseven again delivered for Yeezy Season 4, but this time, she claims she didn’t receive any payment for her efforts.

She is now demanding West Brands executives pay up everything she is owed, listed as $228,000 plus damages.

West’s representatives have yet to respond to the lawsuit.

Kanye launched his Yeezy collections in collaboration with officials at German sports giant Adidas in 2015, but they are not believed to be involved in the suit.