JME responds to ‘Daily Mail’ article

The Boy Better Know MC said: “I’m not a celebrity, or an antisemite, or a rapper”

JME has responded to The Daily Mail after the newspaper ran an article about a series of tweets from the grime MC’s account which dated back to 2010.

The Mail article follows the Boy Better Know MC’s recent meeting with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, which saw the two sit down to discuss politics, music and voter registration.

Published online yesterday (May 16), the Daily Mail piece highlighted posts made on JME’s Twitter account that included the phrases “bomb the White House” and “fuck the Queen.” The article also reported on two offensive posts that included a joke about rape and a retweet of a joke about Jewish people. It also suggested that Corbyn “faces embarrassment” due to the tweets.

JME has tweeted again this evening to reiterate that his meeting with Corbyn and his online political activism has been part of a goal “to get future adults registered to vote.”


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