Mike Tyson has confirmed reports suggesting Jamie Foxx will play him in a new biopic.

The Oscar-winning “Ray” star will be piling on the pounds to portray the heavyweight boxing icon, according to Tyson himself.

“It”s on, as of right now,” Tyson told The Sun about the movie on his life. “Jamie Foxx has signed on for it. Filming hasn’t started yet but it’s going to happen.”

Reports suggest Martin Scorsese is in talks to direct, but Tyson warns fans the film will cover every aspect of his wife, including a rape conviction and the Evander Holyfield fight, during which he nibbled off a piece of his opponent’s ear.

“A lot of people aren’t going to like the things I’ve done in my life,” he says.

And sources tell the tabloid Jamie is already working out for his next Oscar-worthy role, revealing the actor and singer has started hitting the gym with a trainer.

“He looked quite good throwing a few jabs and crosses against the pads, But when he tried a bit of sparring, he didn’t fare so well,” the insider says.

“He took a couple of hooks and walked out. He knows if he wants to play Iron Mike then he needs to improve that side of his game. Mike knows it is Jamie’s dream to play him and they have talked about gym work and how he could put him through his paces. The only thing is that if they go sparring and Mike connects, Jamie may never make any movie again.”