Wow, first Toblerone, then Freddos, now this?

In yet another post-Brexit blow, iTunes has announced today that it will be raising the price of its music downloads.

It was announced today that prices within the UK iTunes app are set to rise by 25% due the pounds massive drop since we voted yes to Brexit in June last year. Prices will now be the same numerically as the US store. So, a song that costs $0.99 in America (and would usually cost 79p) will now cost 99p here.

An email to app developers sent out by Apple today justifies the decision by saying, “When foreign exchange rates or taxation changes, we sometimes need to update prices on the App Store.”

Though perhaps Brexit is just a scapegoat, an easy way to explain a fall in sales. It was recently revealed that vinyl sales were higher than digital sales for the first time ever in 2016. Maybe everyone just wants that authentic record sound?
Regardless of the reasoning behind the decision, the new prices will be rolling out nationwide over the next seven days, so if there was an album you’ve been putting off buying, now is the time to do it.

Courtesy of GrmDaily