“Life comes at you fast…”

A lucky Grime fan has earned himself a surprise collaboration with Stormzy following an entertaining exchange on Twitter.

‘Teks Sinatra’, who is also an aspiring artist, told his 2,800 followers that he had lied to his mum about working with Stormzy so she would support his rap career.

“Told my mum I got a tune with Stormzy on the way. Lord forgive the lie, I just need to take my rap career seriously,” he wrote.

After the post received over 11,000 likes and 4,700 retweets, Stormzy shocked everyone by responding and agreeing to the collaboration.

“Lool you know what, f*ck it, send me suem. Gonna DM you,” wrote the ‘Big For Your Boots’ rapper.

Following Stormzy’s surprise response, Tek Sinatra revealed that his phone was “doing a madness”.

“Life comes at you fast f*ck hell,” he tweeted.