Giggs brings out Drake during Reading Festival Main Stage appearance

Giggs brought out Drake during his performance at Reading Festival earlier today (August 27).

The grime MC was making his debut appearance on the Main Stage when he introduced his special guest.

Speaking about the point in his career where promoters wouldn’t book him, he said: “Reading’s the only festival that wanted to book me. They’ve always showed me mad love. I wanna bring one of my friends out. He’s travelled a long way.”

Drake then appeared from the wings to huge cheers from the massive crowd. “Reading, I came all this way – seven hours – just to have this motherfucking party with you,” he told them. “I want to see everybody go crazy, Reading.”

The pair then performed ‘KMT’ together, which originally appeared on Drake’s ‘More Life‘ playlist. Giggs reloaded the track midway through, saying: “This doesn’t happen every day. We’ve gotta do this right. We’ve gotta do this properly.”

“I wanna see the moshpit gang,” Drake responded. “I wanna see all the circles right now.”

After the track was done, the Toronto rapper, who was wearing a red October’s Very Own t-shirt, told the audience: “Reading, I go by the name of Drake. I appreciate you, but today is not about me so please make some noise for this legendary god right here. He goes by the name of holler man Giggs.”

Drake then left the stage, while Giggs completed his set.

Giggs played:

 ‘3 Wheel-Ups’
‘Man Don’t Care’

‘Lock Doh’
‘Look What The Cat Dragged In’
‘Talking The Hardest’
‘Whippin’ Excursion’




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