Em pitches in money to help more victims of a huge disaster. Read more.

(AllHipHop News) Eminem is not stingy with his money.

He’s donating a huge amount to help Puerto Rico courtesy of New Zealand’s National Party.

Earlier in the week, Eminem scored a victory over the political party, after they used his 2002 hit “Lose Yourself” in a re-election campaign.

The National Party had denied they illegally stole Eminem’s music, but a judge disagreed last week in a final ruling regarding the case.

The National Party was ordered to fork over $400,000 to Eminem, which the rapper will donate to relief efforts to help Puerto Rico.

In September, Eminem became involved in relief efforts for the victims of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey.

The rapper teamed with StockX, to sell rare sports memorabilia to fans, with a guarantee to match any donation, up to $250,000.

The news of Eminem’s donation to Puerto Rico comes as he prepares to release what many believe will be his 9th studio album, reportedly titled Revival.

Infomercials and billboards have been popping up around the country, hawking a product called “Revival,” which many Eminem enthusiasts believe is really a promotional effort for his new album.