Drake has responded to comments made by Wiley calling him a ‘culture vulture’ in a new interview.
After finishing up a seven-night residency at The O2 (temporarily renamed The O3) in London last week as part of his Assassination Tour, Drake sat down for a chat with BBC 1Xtra radio host, Tiffany Calver.

In the interview, Drake addressed Wiley and the comments he made, calling the Toronto rapper a ‘culture vulture’ for stopping by various UK artists’ shows and bringing a host of them out on his tour, including J Hus, Krept & Konan, Afro B, Dave and Fredo.

“It is what it is.” Drake began. “I see a lot and I’ll never understand how supporting somebody’s song or even going a step further and giving somebody a song or linking up…I’ll never understand how that’s not viewed as something admirable but I guess people have their own outlook on it.”

After addressing the grime MC’s comments, Drake claimed that it was something he wanted to get off his chest. “I just had to talk about it because it’s bothering me,” he said.
Going on to call out Wiley’s name directly, the ‘God’s Plan’ rapper told Calver: “But yeah, I didn’t like that. It’s Wiley that said that, I’ll just say his name because that was some goofy shit. But yeah, I just didn’t like that. I was like, ‘Dude what are you talking about? They have tunes that are ringing off. Anybody that’s on now, what are you guys talking about?’”
Adding that “man can chat what they want. If it’s a ting, let me know,” it appears that Drake got the attention of Wiley, who responded by asking: “Have I got myself into a war with @Drake?”

Wiley then went on to address comments, claiming Drake has done more for grime than he had. “When you see comments like @Drake has done more for UK music than @WileyUpdates,” he tweeted. “Okay lets pretend he didn’t help start #grime and bring through all your favourite artists!”

After taking a few more jabs at Drake, including telling him to “cover up the BBK tattoo,” and promising Calver that he “won’t over do it” if she’ll let him guest on her show, he then turned his attention to longtime Drake friend and UK collaborator, Giggs.

Reaching out to the ‘BIG BAD…’ rapper, Wiley said to Giggs: “Your boy cracked,” followed by a couple of laughing emojis. While not confirmed, it appears that Giggs did in fact respond to Wiley before deleting his tweet.

Seemingly captured by one Twitter user, Giggs called Wiley a “Fuckin clown.” Continuing, he added: “like we are friends, we ain’t friends, don’t push humour fuckin luck u idiot. Is this what u want people to see, me wound up? Don’t run no fuckin jokes with me.”

Meanwhile, Drake has announced that he’s started writing his next album.
The Toronto rapper last week (April 9) told the crowd at one of the London dates of his Assassination Vacation tour, that he has begun working on his new record.
“I kinda actually started night last night to be honest with you,” he said in between songs. “But I think what I’ma do after this is go home, and I’ma make a new album so I can come back to London next year and we can do this again.”
On the same tour, Drake paid tribute to Nipsey Hussle during the first night of the seven-date stint.
The Californian rapper was shot and killed outside of his Marathon Clothing Company store in the Hyde Park neighbourhood of Los Angeles two weeks ago (March 31).
On stage at The O2, Drake projected an image of Hussle’s face onto the floor before he performed ‘Elevate’. Before the song kicked in, he told the crowd: “Want you to make some noise for the people who love you unconditionally because you never know how short life is.”