ONG ISLAND CITY, NY – 50 Cent is hosting at Aces in New York tonight (November 16) and has a very special guest lineup. His good friend (and sometimes foe) Floyd Mayweather will be co-hosting at the club, but Fiddy has another surprise in store.

“Ima use my juice card,” he says in an Instagram video. “Ima fuck around and bring Donald Trump out tonight. That’s right, bitch. I’m bringing the president out. So don’t be don’t be trying to snapchat and take pictures and all of the shit, you know what I’m saying? Because I’ve got big money shit going on over here. Me, that’s who.”

50 seems to have had a change of heart after he joined the nation in rallying against Trump‘s presidency run before the reality television star won the election last week.

In speaking on the Meredith Viera Show last year, the G-Unit general called The Donald “amazing” and found similarities between himself and the mogul and thought maybe he was making outrageous remarks for publicity.

So we shall see if 50 brings out America’s next president. Maybe they’ll take a shot of Effen together.