New Yorkers celebrate Super Bowl victory


New Yorkers celebrate Super Bowl victory

Posted by: TwiceasNice / February 6, 2012 15:22


Watching this game as a fan is a lot different than being at a friends house and seeing how many ribs you can eat while checking on your Super Bowl box. There were several moments where the stress was so great that I wished I didn't have a rooting interest so that I could rank commercials and stuff down banned fats, footloose and fancy free. No. As a fan, that's not possible. This was painful and there was nothing fun about it—no exaggeration. At half time I nearly lost it during the Madonna thing. It was brutal, not because of the act, but because there was a very tight, competitive game that was interrupted for a very long time. Then Tom Brady's Hail Mary pass hit the floor of the endzone to end the game, and it was a bit like, "What happened? They won? Really? Oh, good. Mom, you can come out of the bathroom."

Yes, the New York Giants are Super Bowl Champions, again. It's their second ring in four years, the second time their season came together in a dream like fashion, the second time they beat New England to win it all, and the second time they were both lucky and good. The Giants recovered two of their own fumbles, and a third bobble was voided because a Bill Belichick coached team had 12 men on the field. That doesn't happen. Wes Welker dropped a ball that he may have never dropped before, a gaffe ultimately allowed Mario Manningham to summon his inner David Tyree, reaching out and catching a 38-yard pass on the edge of the field, by far the longest play of the game despite the quality of the offenses that were on the field.

Once again, Big Blue's season boiled down to a handful of key moments, and once again the fortune cookie had all the winning lottery numbers. With 57 seconds left in the game, Belichick let in a move that we've seen for years, in video games, not in Super Bowls. It allowed his man one last shot at a fourth title, but it was too much to ask of Brady, and in truth, the game was done when Welker dropped the ball. With Manning at quarterback, time winding down, and the Giants down two points, Justin Tuck said he was almost "relaxed" while watching it all go down, such is the teams trust in their elite quarterback.