Wiz Khalifa 'Sponsored By Marijuana Company'

Posted by: TwiceasNice / April 23, 2014 18:38Hits: 520

Wiz Khalifa has revealed that he has a sponsorship deal with a marijuana company in the US.


Iggy Azalea's Debut Album Storms iTunes Chart In US & UK

Posted by: TwiceasNice / April 23, 2014 18:25Hits: 485

Iggy Azalea's debut album has reached number one in the US iTunes chart and number three in the UK iTunes charts.


Beyoncé & Jay Z Moving To London?

Posted by: TwiceasNice / April 23, 2014 11:50Hits: 313

Reports claim the couple have splashed out £5.5million on a posh West London townhouse...


50 Cent On Yeezus: "It Doesn’t Feel Like Hip-Hop To Me"

Posted by: TwiceasNice / April 23, 2014 11:28Hits: 294

Smoke rapper reveals he wasn't the biggest fan of Kanye West's recent LP...


Nicki Minaj To Return To Hip-Hop Roots For Third Album

Posted by: TwiceasNice / April 22, 2014 18:27Hits: 445

Nicki Minaj has said that she will be returning to her hip-hop roots for upcoming third album The Pink Print.


Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines' Is UK's Most Downloaded Track EVER

Posted by: TwiceasNice / April 22, 2014 17:53Hits: 430

The controversial track edged out Adele's 'Someone Like You'...


Chris Brown's Assault Charge Trial Delayed

Posted by: TwiceasNice / April 22, 2014 11:31Hits: 376

The singer's bodyguard Chris Hollosy was convicted of assault in a separate trial stemming from the same October incident in Washington, D.C. earlier today.


Jay Z Lost Master Recordings Worth $20m In Alleged Extortion Plot

Posted by: TwiceasNice / April 22, 2014 11:06Hits: 288

Several of Jay Z's master recordings valued between $15m and $20m are at the centre of an alleged extortion plot.


Kelis On Nas: "I Don't Really Listen To His Music"

Posted by: TwiceasNice / April 17, 2014 18:26Hits: 1916

Kelis also refers to Nas as "poor thing" when discussing "Life Is Good's" cover art.


John Legend Working On Found-Footage Dance Movie Breaking Through

Posted by: TwiceasNice / April 17, 2014 18:02Hits: 1867

John Legend is working on a found-footage dance film.